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Who we are

Ramon La Camera worked as a designer for more than 15 years. He soon began to shift his design expertise to the manufacturing field. This is how he developed, thanks mainly to his thoroughness, a formidable knack for woodwork and craftsmanship.

Thus, as a designer and craftsman, and seeking the best of both worlds, today he is totally dedicated to developing Humidors La Camera.

Attentive to the smallest of details, Ramon has learnt through extensive experimentation and exhausting quality testing the optimum requirements his Humidors must comply to preserve cigars at their highest standard of exellence. The exclusive selection of materials, and his mindful artistry are determining factors in the individual elaboration of each Humidor. Ramon, searches for the most beautiful lumber from around the world, selecting only materials which will provide his humidors with that striking final result, being mindful of every minute detail to atttain the quality and guarantee of hand-crafted woodwork.

This is the only way each Humidor La Camera is accomplished. It oozes beauty inside and out, and above all, a hardly unique quality. A quality that seeks nothing less than to offer the perfect Humidor.