All of our Humidors are hand-made, individually, crafted using only the finest materials and designed to last a lifetime, but above all, to guarantee a perfect maintenance of your valuable cigars. [+]
  • Cenicero 
Ebano y Sicomoro : Ebano macizo y lineas en sicomoro

    Cenicero Ebano y Sicomoro

    49 EUR

  • Racing : Arce figurado y ébano. <br> 105 cigarros


    Figured Maple and Ebony. 105 cigars

    1.074 EUR

  • Racing Green (Basic) : Lacado brillo de alta calidad. <br> 105 cigarros

    Racing Green (Basic)

    High quality gloss lacquer. 105 cigars

    550 EUR

  • Le Mans : Nogal Americano y lacado de alta calidad. <br> 105 cigarros

    Le Mans

    American Walnut and high quality gloss lacquer. 105 cigars

    650 EUR

  • Red : Padouk, sicomoro y ébano. 105 cigarros


    Padauk, sycamore y ebony. 105 cigars

    1.074 EUR

  • Chocolate : Palo violeta y tapa labrada  en ébano macizo. 100 cigarros


    Brazilian kingwood and solid Ebony. 100 cigars

    1.240 EUR

  • Chocolate (Basic) : Palo violeta, ébano y tapa lacada en negro.<br> 100 cigarros

    Chocolate (Basic)

    Kingwood, ebony and black lacquer.
    100 cigars

    595 EUR

  • Poliedro : Pao ferro y sicomoro <br> 220 cigarros


    Santos palisander and sycamore. 220 cigars

    2.025 EUR

  • Faces (Basic) : Nogal americano y tapa lacada en negro. <br>150 cigarros

    Faces (Basic)

    American walnut and black lacquer.
    150 cigars

    595 EUR